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Aliens of London • Doctor Who Reviews, Trailers, Companions, More

Aliens of London

Aliens of London

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Aliens of London

Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: 16 April 2005
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Keith Boak
Notable for: The memorable scene of a spaceship and Big Ben.

Aliens of London – Fan Trailer

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The Worst of Doctor Who – Aliens of London

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Now on the Worst of Doctor Who we have the first recap from the 9th Doctor’s era with the two-part story ‘Aliens of London’ and ‘World War Three’! It was the first multipart story for the show during its first season and, as we will see here, it blows chunks. I’m tackling ‘Aliens of London’ this week, but like with the series, you’ll have to wait a week for the next part.

This was only the fourth episode of the series falling on the heels of ‘Rose’ (bad), ‘The End of the World’ (almost as bad), and ‘The Unquiet Dead’ (surprisingly decent). While not the worst of the early stories, this one gets my particular rage due to one horrible thing.

The Slitheen.

But more about them later. First let us visit the cause of our pain, Russell T Davies. He wrote this one (and two of the episodes I mentioned up above). He’s also the producer of the show and the man most responsible for its return. I expressed a few thoughts on Davies in my recap of ‘Love and Monsters’ and now I’m going to express a few more. – Blogging with Badger

Doctor Who: Episode 4: Aliens of London

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The prospects for this one weren’t good. Internet scuttlebutt suggesting that this first two-part story of the new DOCTOR WHO series, written by Russell T Davies in full kid’s TV mode, was full of silly dialogue and farting aliens, was going to be a bit of a downer after the highs of Mark Gatiss’s creepy Victorian episode the week before. What a relief then when this forty-five minute first instalment turned out to be a rich, invigorating, enervating alien invasion romp, an episode probably closest in spirit to the original TV series than any of the previous three instalments.

It all starts very promisingly with a quality pre-credits title sequence as the Doctor brings his new companion Rose back home to visit her Mum after a couple of hair-raising adventures in Time and Space. The cocky Time Lord assures Rose she’s only been away for twelve hours – and he’s horrified to find ‘Missing Girl’ posters plastered all over the neighbourhood. As the recriminations fly about Rose’s mysterious TWELVE-MONTH absence with this mysterious older man, a huge clanking spaceship overflies London, demolishes Big Ben and pitches up in the Thames. First contact! – Scifind